Macération du PASTIS DE L’ILE DE RÉ

A slow production process generating intense flavors

What makes PASTIS DE L’ILE DE RÉ® different from other aniseed-flavored aperitifs? Rich plant essences achieved through the alcoholic maceration of fennel seeds.

Savoir-faire and time

Pastis-making requires patience and precision.
PASTIS DE L’ILE DE RÉ® is no exception. Its rich aniseed flavor is achieved through alcoholic maceration of fennel seeds. Over several days, the natural aromas are slowly released into the alcohol, giving PASTIS DE L’ILE DE RÉ® its distinctive flavor, so different to the flavors produced by standard distillation processes. The alcoholic maceration of the fennel is then enhanced by an infusion of herbs gathered on the island itself.

Blended by a sommelier

“Pastis” is the Provençal Occitan word for “mix”, and for good reason! The blending step is crucial in the making of
PASTIS DE L’ILE DE RÉ®. Who better than a sommelier with a shrewd palate, and holder of the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France (France’s Best Craftsmen) title, to guarantee you an exceptional aperitif? PASTIS DE L’ILE DE RÉ® is developed like a fine wine: like all the best vintages, its flavors are reach their pinnacle several months after being bottled.