Vintage Pastis aperitif

PASTIS DE L’ILE DE RÉ® is the “grand cru” of this quintessential French aniseed aperitif!

Just like a good wine, PASTIS DE L’ILE DE RÉ® best improves with age. With each new harvest, its flavors are dictated by the rhythms of nature itself.

A new taste experience every time

The ingredients for PASTIS DE L’ILE DE RÉ® are grown and harvested on the Atlantic coast, right next to the salt marshes. Brushed by the salty ocean spray, the crops grow in compliance with Mother Nature’s every whim. This explains why this exceptional aniseed aperitif offers a brand new range of herbal essences each year, letting its finely developed flavors crash over your taste buds.

An elegant souvenir to take home

“The quintessential French vacation aniseed aperitif” is the best way to describe PASTIS DE L’ILE DE RE®, but its appeal doesn’t stop there! This vintage aperitif makes the ideal accompaniment to a sunset beach picnic, but will also seem right at home in the most elegant of high-end restaurants. With its subtle blend of flavors and the slender forms of its elegant bottle, PASTIS DE L’ILE DE RE® is an unequivocal ode to the French art of living. Why not add it to a traditional hamper of regional treats as a unique souvenir of your stay on the French Atlantic coast?