Press Corner

Here you can find the press releases and photos concerning PASTIS DE L’ILE DE RÉ®.

Our press releases

April 2015 – The new 2014 PASTIS DE L’ILE DE RÉ® vintage is here > download the PDF

Our photos

PASTIS DE L’ILE DE RÉ® packshot > download the image

PASTIS DE L’ILE DE RÉ® atmosphere photo > download the image

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If you would like to receive more information about PASTIS DE L’ILE DE RÉ®, please contact:
Tél: 0033 (0)6 80 70 19 19

Our press appearances

April 10, 2014, Sud-Ouest > download the PDF

April 16, 2014, Le Phare de Ré > download the PDF

June 1, 2014, Sud-Ouest Gourmand > download the PDF

July 9, 2014, Ré à La Hune > download the PDF

September 24, 2014, Le Phare de Ré > download the PDF